This is a beautiful, honest, wise and liberating book that reflects the soul of its author. Anyone would enjoy Bitten by a Camel for its pitch-perfect prose and humane honesty, but people from the Evangelical background Kent and I share will find it more than enjoyable. For them, it will feel like a lifeboat after a shipwreck, a cure for a chronic disease, or a path through a forest where you’ve been lost for a long time.
Brian D. McLaren

Like all the best spiritual memoirs, this book is more about mystery than certainty, more about unknowing than driving stakes into the ground. If you’re in the aching, foggy middle of a spiritual transformation, I think this beautiful book might be good company along the way. I appreciate my friend Kent’s wisdom, bravery and honesty in the pages, and I believe you will, too.
Shauna Neiquist

If the term “religious experience” is to mean anything at all, it must refer, not to an experience of something, but to an event that transforms how we experience everything. With a subtle blend of honesty, humor and personal insight, Kent Dobson has crafted a work that invites the reader into such an experience. He has wrought lessons from his own life and presented them in a way that will help the reader encounter a new depth and density to life. Revealing a hope and joy that is anything but shallow or one-dimensional.
Peter Rollins


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