For those embarking on the unsettling journey of soul discovery, spiritual adventure and cultivating wholeness, a companion-guide can be extremely helpful.  This unique one on one program weaves together mirroring, dreamwork, practices, accountability, individual attention, listening and study.

Companion Guiding is the most rewarding part of my personal work in the world. The guides and spiritual directors in my own life have been invaluable agents of challenge and encouragement, mirroring back to me what I was having a hard to seeing, my own blocks and gifts. Working one on one, over time, is a growing passion of mine and a place where my clients are able to safely dive deeper into their longings, doubts, hopes and desires.

Companion Guiding is about paying careful attention to places of crisis, calling, spiritual blocks, questions, breakdowns and breakthroughs.  We have conversations about wholeness, our wounded parts, and we listen for clues sent up from the soul, your deeper self. The ultimate aim of this relationship is to help you dive into the realm of your own soul, your unique place in the world.  The great conversation with soul, with the voice beneath your voice, is where meaning, purpose, and even a sense of destiny is found. It's from this place of soul we are best able to generatively serve the world.  

I work with a limited number of people, so please contact me for details, pricing, and to set up an initial conversation in person or over Skype.

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