Wild Soul: Depth Descent

Perhaps there is a call on your life that you know very little about.  Perhaps you feel something wants to be born, but you're not sure of what it wants, or what may be asked of you, or what might need to change.  Perhaps this call is your own soul knocking on the doors of your current waking life.  To say “yes” is to descend.  These programs are for those interested deepening their own unique conversation with soul.  Soul, as I'm defining it, is your deep life's purpose or place, or something like your true self (Thomas Merton), or your unique place in the world, “the truth at the center of the image you were born with” (David Whyte), your “ecological niche” (Bill Plotkin), or what I like to call “the voice beneath your voice.”  What waits just beneath your roles, names, jobs, and family history?  

In my Wild Soul programs we study spiritual maps, read stories and articles, invite honest dialogue, engage in dreamwork and encourage nature-based practices.  These programs combine my years of experience leading spiritual Pilgrimages to Israel, my pastoral work, my teaching experience, and my ongoing guide training at Animus Valley Institute in nature-based, soul-oriented programs. Designed to be intensive and small, there is an application process for each program. You will journey with other women and men as we explore the mysteries of soul-oriented work.  Over the course of each program, we hope to deepen together your own relationship with Mystery, listen to the promptings of your own soul, and get clearer about living the largest story you're capable of living for the world.

New Programs

Wild Soul: West Michigan: Nov-May 2019-20

This 7 month program includes monthly group meetings in Grand Rapids, 3 one-on-one sessions, reading materials, teachings, group work and individual practices. The cost is $1500.* Meetings are held on Saturday evenings: Nov 2, Dec 7, Jan 18, Feb 8, Mar 14, Apr 18, and May 23. The seven group meetings will cover: Intro to Soul, Wild Mind 1 (Bill Plotkin), Wild Mind 2, Dreams, Myths, Deep Imagination, and Integration. This is the often the most rewarding program I offer, according to participants, because of the length, depth and in-person nature of it. Spots are limited.

Wild Soul: Global - Winter Descent: Nov-Apr 2019-20

This 6 month program includes monthly group meetings via the Internet (Zoom), 2 one on one sessions, reading materials, and group work.  Each meetings is two hours, held at 12:00pm EST. The meetings are recorded for those with scheduling conflicts. Cost is $700.* Meetings will be held on Nov 12, Dec 10, Jan 14, Feb 11, Mar 10, and Apr 21. Topics will include intro to Soul descent, sacred council, dreamwork, myths, and nature-based practices. People from all over the world have joined this program which has been life-giving and rewarding. Spots are limited.

*If you have financial limitations, please let me know in the contact form below.

Past Programs

Deepening the Conversation with Soul: June 25 - July 16, 2019

This 4 week program meets through Zoom, and is intended to be a deep dive into the unfolding conversation with our souls, or our deeper sense of self. This small group will meet live at 12:00pm EST for two hours once a week. The sessions are recorded for those who cannot make every session. We will discuss practices, stories, dreams, poems and engage in conversation. The cost is $100-200, sliding scale based on your financial situation. Please fill out the form below for more detailed information.

Wild Soul: West Michigan - Yearlong 2018-19

September 2018 - May 2019: Includes monthly meetings held in Grand Rapids or Grand Haven Michigan, occasional (discounted) retreats, 3 one on one sessions, reading materials, and group work.  The cost is on sliding scale of $1300-1700 for the year.  Pay what you're able. The program will start 9/29.  

Wild Soul: Global - Winter Descent

November 2018 - April 2019: Includes monthly group meetings via the Internet, occasional (discounted) retreats if you can make it, 3 one on one sessions, reading materials, and group work.  Cost is on sliding scale of $600-800.  Pay what you're able. This program starts 11/4, 2018.  

Wild Soul: West Michigan - Yearlong 2017-18

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