YEar Long Soul Quest

This monthly program is for those interested in the descent to soul.  Soul, as I'm defining it, is your deep life's purpose or place, or something like your true self. This is more like a lifelong conversation than a quick discovery.  We will study spiritual maps, read stories and articles, engage in dialogue, do dreamwork, and engage in nature-based practices.  Designed to be intensive and small, there is an application process and the group size is limited. You will journey with other women and men for one year (Sept-May) as we explore the mysteries of soul-oriented work.  If you're having "mid-life crisis," even if you're not in mid-life, I see this is an opportunity rather than a problem.  If you have questions about your life's purpose, beyond or beneath vocation, then you'll find a home in this course.  If something about your spirituality is not making sense, you will find a safe place to explore these questions.  If you feel like you're at a crossroads and are unsure of what's next, this is your intensive.  Over the course of the year, we hope to deepen together your own relationship with Mystery and get clearer about living the largest story you're capable of living.

This program starts September, 2018 in Grand Rapids MI

September - May 2019: Includes monthly meetings held in Grand Rapids or Grand Haven Michigan, occasional (discounted) retreats, 3 one on one sessions, reading materials, and group work.  Cost is on sliding scale of $1300-1700 for the year.  Pay what you're able.  

*Soul Quest is an informal affiliation of guides and guides-in-training with the Animas Valley Institute, rooted in the work of Bill Plotkin.  See his books, Wild MindSoulcraft, and Nature and the Human Soul.  I am currently in the training program at Animas,

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