Join the unfolding conversation 


Religion, God, Spirituality, Nature, Sacred Texts, Mystery, and the Human Soul are all being rethought, turned over and reborn.  This unfolding conversation is wild and full of life.  It crosses disciplines and backgrounds and languages.  It is a great time to be alive.  

My life is about joining and promoting this generative conversation.

"These are only hints and guesses, Hints followed by guesses . . . the hint half guessed, the gift half understood" TS Eliot


I have been a teacher, pastor, music director, tour guide, student, writer, Biblical scholar, and world traveler. These roles continue to evolve and shift the further I go on this great unpredictable path. 
Ready to join the conversation? Join me on a tour to Israel, check out my blog, invite me to speak, or contact me through the site.  May you keep going on the generative and unsafe path of real change.