I’ve had fits and starts, trying to seek something that can’t be found through jobs and titles.  I’ve been a mega-church pastor, a biblical scholar, a tour guide, a high school teacher, an author, and a handful of other things. St Francis’ question, “Who are you God? And who am I?” only grew louder as the roles in my life continued to evolve. The fact that I had no idea how to answer these questions meant I was beginning a deeper conversation.

The last decade has felt like the unraveling of my own Evangelical Christian faith, an experiment in trusting my own curiosity, invitations to trust the ordinary, conversations with dreams, and returning back to wild landscapes.  I also met a few unexpected guides that have pointed the way. It’s been as much unlearning as learning.  This descent into the unknown of my own life has been thrilling and perilous.  But something of my own life’s work has also emerged. 

My work is about deepening the conversation between the Soul (deep self), who we are in the world, the mystery of Nature, and the Divine Source.  

At the heart of this work is a fundamental trust that each of us is born with innate capacities of wholeness that need reawakening and cultivation as we begin to see more clearly our shortcomings, survival strategies, and complexes. In short, we need help growing up. The second assumption is that each human being has a unique shape that longs to born anew in this world.  This is the gift of soul.  Helping to recover more of our wholeness and bringing forth the seeds of soul is a life’s work bent toward meaning and purpose.  To live more and more rooted in soul, our deep self, our truer self, our unique way of being, is to bring forth only gift we are meant to carry in this life, the gift of who we truly are, and to serve the world from this place.

Thankfully, I do not do this work alone.  A growing tribe of teachers, spiritual directors, authors, wilderness guides, therapists, theologians, parents and wild misfits are contributing the awakening of soul.  It is a great time to be alive and the future of a healthy planet and healthy human cultures depends upon this work.

If you feel lost, if social roles have stopped making sense, if you’ve had numinous experiences and are not sure what to make of them, if you feel called but unsure by what or to what, if your notions of God have grown too small, if the unknown is alluring, if most of your life you’ve been told you’re broken, if your dreams won’t leave you alone, if modern life feels empty, then this work is meant to help. 

The primary ways I’m serving this work of soul discovery is through Companion-Guiding with individuals, group programs, and through my public teachings-writings and podcasts. I hope you’ll find something in my work life-giving, challenging and helpful.

Currently I'm the primary teaching voice at C3 West Michigan's Inclusive Spiritual Community in Grand Haven, MI, a spiritual and secular community that meets each week for conversation, local music and teaching.  I’m also in third year in the Soul Apprenticeship and Initiation Program at Animas Valley Institute in Colorado where I’m training to be a Nature-Based Underworld Guide; MA Historical Geography, Jerusalem University College; Comparative Religion, Hebrew University; BS English, Liberty University.