People have been taking Pilgrimage Tours to Israel for hundreds of years.  The physical journey mirrors the spiritual adventure of setting out into the unknown. My tours are uniquely rooted in this tradition.  They are also modern explorations into history, religion, faith, Bible, geography, politics and the wild and unfolding conversation that happens across these disciplines.  I've been leading tours to Israel for fifteen years and I learn something new with every group.  This trip will change your life.  



For information on upcoming tours, including pricing and open slots, please contact me.  If you are part of a church, school or organization and are interested in a group experience, I can arrange dates that work with your needs.  Small private tours to Israel, Turkey, Greece and Italy can also be arranged. Please include in the subject which tour you are interested in joining. 

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Upcoming tours

Here is a list of upcoming tours.  I lead all kinds of groups - religious, non-religious, Jewish and Christian, schools and churches, families and organizations, all are welcome, all have something to learn from the land and culture that have shaped our understanding of God, the Bible and being human.  Typically, my tours are intensive experiences, with full days and plenty of hiking.  There is also good conversation as we learn from one another, from the land, from history and the Bible.  Israel is one of the busiest tourist countries in the world and I make every effort to provide a safe, life-giving and rewarding experience.

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Israel and Palestine

January 2-10, 2019. The Life and Jesus: Grace Church, New Jersey.  A few spots open to the public.

March 13-23, 2019. Denver Community Church: The Life of Jesus. A few spots open to the public.


*Interested in joining a group?  We can make individual arrangements that best suit your needs, no matter where you live.  Just let us know your home country, state and city and we can work with you.  

Recent Past Tours 2017

    December 7-16, 2017.  Eastlake Community Church Seattle

January 4-13, 2017 - Grace Church, New Jersey 

January 13-22, 2017 Ed Dobson Memorial Trip 

April 27-May 6, 2017.  Israel Study Tour: Denver